Sunday Soul Session

July 28, 2024 1-5pm ET
Vero Beach, FL

Join One Moksha’s founders for a casual, intimate gathering of Vero Beach locals who are passionate about pursuing personal growth within a supportive community.

(By Invitation Only)

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Melanie Spring & Dan Russell

Melanie Spring and Dan RussellWhen we got married, we both had our own version of scarcity mindsets. Whether it was a belief around not having enough time, or worries around not having enough money, scarcity had permeated our lives in one way or another—and it had been that way for years.

It wasn’t until we began having conversations about how exhausting these feelings were. How useless and tiring it is to worry about not having “enough” of something.

Through those conversations and our personal growth paths, we began to discover that “abundance” didn’t just mean lack of scarcity. It meant a whole lot more than that.

We began shifting our words. We changed our attitudes when talking about time and money. And after enough time, we noticed that the burden of scarcity began to feel lighter.

Today, we’ve not only cultivated a strong attitude of abundance in our own lives, but we also teach it to our clients at One Moksha.

In this live online soul mixer, we’ll jump on a group Zoom call for some discussion and breakout rooms to help you begin cultivating your own attitude of abundance. Get ready for deep conversations and important tools that you’ll be ready to put to work by the end of our time together.

We hope to see you on the call!

When we got married, we had a vision of having a tight-knit local group of people who met up on a regular basis to have deep conversations and support each other.

Today, One Moksha is building that on a national level, but we haven’t yet built those small, intimate local gatherings we always dreamed about. That’s why we’re starting our Sunday Soul Sessions.

On the last Sunday of every month in Vero Beach, we’ll play host to a gathering in our home with our closest friends and their friends. There will be time to have meaningful, deep conversations, explore some of the personal growth avenues that we’ve fallen in love with lately, and of course, eat delicious food!

If you’re on this page, that means we would love for you to join us at the next Sunday Soul Session. Whether we know you personally or a friend has invited you, you have a seat waiting at our table. We hope to see you soon!

Melanie Spring & Dan Russell
Co-Founders of One Moksha

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We're on a mission to help people around the world pursue enlightenment in all of its forms

At One Moksha, we support humans who have chosen to live authentic lives. We equip them with the tools they need to walk their path with confidence and we surround them with a supportive community built around mutual trust, from our Sunday Soul Sessions to the larger Brilliant Rebels Experience to our intimate Hama retreats. No matter how you choose to be involved with One Moksha, you can expect to be impressed and walk away with a better idea of what the next step on your path to enlightenment might be.

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Sunday Soul Session

July 28, 2024 1-5pm ET
Vero Beach, FL

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